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What’s New

Sensei successfully launched the Human Performance Index

Sensei’s Human Performance Index™ (HPI) was introduced to a distinguished audience at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester on March 30th. Subsequent launches will take place within the year in London, Chicago, Singapore and Dubai.

The gathering of CEOs, directors, Sensei Associates and senior representatives of Sensei International made the Manchester event an interesting exchange of thoughts and experiences. The white paper ‘The Human Performance Index – The Necessary Bridge’ by Omar Khan, table discussions, Q&A segments and networking opportunities gave everyone a chance to understand the potential for this groundbreaking approach. Click here for all the information…

Sensei helps align senior leadership team of a major company through a Leadership Journey, preparing them to go public in October 2011

A global firm in the beverage sector is restructuring its ways of working in order to create a global P&L and operate as a unified company that will be accountable to the market once they go public. Sensei has helped their senior global leadership team to re-align their priorities, clarify roles, assess how to best engage and lead their staff, and clarify the key decisions that must be taken. The business, despite the disruption of the restructuring, is booming and growing ahead of its competitors. Now the aim will be to sustain this while also improving market leadership and margins.

Sensei’s approach to “Coaching Performance Breakthroughs” presented to CEOs and business leaders in Malaysia at the Annual Networking Conference.

The Annual Networking Conference is a key venue for business leaders in Malaysia and the region to come together, share best practice, gain new ideas, and return re-energized to their businesses. Sensei presented a model, from our two decades of experience in human performance, of how to ensure that coaching produces a real ROI, and that individuals are coached in the context of their teams — the primary unit of performance in virtually all businesses. Particularly valued was the focus on converting bosses and peers into an effective coaching community and on providing an ongoing feedback loop for leaders.