Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

As the Westminster bubble bursts and the politicians and the media work themselves into a frenzy of excitement about the impending election here in the UK, it is fascinating to observe the leaders of the various political parties as they seek to engage the UK electorate in the things they are passionate about.

Of course this will all end with a decision that will please some people and probably disappoint many more. This is the reality of democracy, it is designed to create an opposition.

Luckily leaders in business do not have to work this way and in this short article I explore the 6 alternative decision making processes available to leaders and their teams and offer some guidance on when to use each. Click here to read more....
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How Different Cultures Make Decisions

As Western consumer culture, with its seemingly endless choices, proliferates around the world, will the cultural view on choice change?

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‘The Power of Curiosity – you will never guess what I heard…..’

This is the best message you can leave on a voice mail if you really want someone to actually call you back…. Why?

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