Thinking Skills

The first quarter of the New Year is often the time thoughts turn to the strategic planning process.

Developing a winning strategy is never easy. In essence it is a thinking process and we all know we rarely have time to think in today's hyper-active world. This short article is designed to give some tips, pointers and provocation on the way we think and offer some insights from my experience of facilitating leaders and their teams through the strategic planning process.

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Strategic Wargames – future proof your strategic plans

To quote Sun Tzu in his book The Art of War – ‘whoever is first in the field and awaits the coming of the enemy, will be fresh for the fight, whoever is second in the field and has to hasten, will arrive exhausted' 

A Sensei strategic Wargame is designed to help you test your strategic plans in the face of a competitor or external environmental attack. This is a simple and cost effective tool that can help you ensure your strategic plans have the best chance of success.

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How to make Toast - a short (9') Ted video that gives some great insights into how to think about solving complex problems
Strategic Health Check –  Take 15 mins to find out the health of your current strategy 

This is a simple questionairre that will help you understand the areas in your organisation that require attention in this year's strategic planning process. If you use it  as a tool with your leadership team you will also discover the degree of harmony ( or dis-harmony) that currently exists within your top team regarding your strategic priorities. 

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