Time v Money – the pursuit of real wealth

We behave as if money is the scarce resource and live our lives and run our businesses carefully controlling expenditure, planning cash flows and developing ideas and taking decisions to make more money, often forgetting that it is time that is the asset we are short of the most.

Compared to our parents, and certainly our grandparents, we are cash rich and time poor.
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Donald Hoffman - Evolution does not favour reality - a mind blowing TED talk well worth a watch 
TEMPUS FUGIT – Time to stop doing ‘good’ work

As summer is upon us and our thoughts turn to taking a well earned break, this leadership conversation looks at how leaders need to stop doing ‘good work’ and create the space and time to do ‘great work’.

“I want to go ahead of Father Time with a scythe of my own.” H. G. Wells

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The 100 yards dash for people with no sense of direction. Click here to watch this classic comedy sketch

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