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For our March edition of Sense from Sensei we welcome Phil Jones as our guest editor. Preferring to describe his day job as Chief Opportunity Engineer of the business he now runs (COE), Phil has a refreshing philosophy about being his best, through the development of high levels of emotional intelligence, a commitment to lifelong learning and alignment with a set of personal beliefs.
      PHIL JONES - Phil is Country Head & Deputy Managing-Director, Brother UK.

Managing people is more complicated than rocket science. Ive always loved that saying as anyone who leads an organisation normally identifies with it. Its origins (I believe) were from a former rocket scientist who had a career change and went into HR, then swiftly back to science! Getting organisations to function amongst the complexities of modern life is becoming increasingly harder. Your narrative is now amongst social media updates where the drama of the world noisily competes with your organisational objectives, time is at a premium as people do more with less and the collective consciousness is one of unpredictability, given the economic mood music.
Keeping people focused, contributing, attentive, connected, aligned, agile and feeling valued is high up on the agenda of many organisational leaders. Keeping energy and attention levels high is a challenge, Ive resorted to some old jedi ways of ensuring people feel connected to the top of late, here are a few examples of things Ive been doing for the last twelve months.....

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      THE POWER OF CURIOSITY - You will never guess what I heard

by Malcolm Follos

This is the best message you can leave on a voice mail if you really want someone to actually call you back. Why?
We are born curious and it is this primary emotion that drives us to learn and to listen. Why is it then that so much of the training we attend and the presentations we endure in the corporate world seem to ignore this key driver. I am constantly amazed at how presenters and trainers default to spoon feeding their audiences with content heavy transmissions and then wonder why they are facing audiences distracted and with glazed eyes. As leaders we have to learn to harness the power of curiosity if we are to engage, influence and effectively lead.

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