Institutional Deafness  - how to listen to the Whistle

The news is currently full of organisations accused of turning a deaf ear to people who ‘blow the whistle’ and try to report wrongdoing. Some of the stories of reported incidences not properly investigated are shocking and it is tempting to think and hope that these behaviours come from a different era, but sadly we know this is not the case.

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Simon Stevens - leading culture change in the NHS. Video clip time to watch 5 min
Culture Change

Your organisational culture is by definition, perfectly formed to give you the results and behaviours you are getting now. If the gap between your aspiration and current reality in your organisation is small then you do not need to worry about moving the prevailing culture.

However, if you are looking to change the organisation and improve its performance, then the chances are you will need to explore, address and progressively shift the current culture to bring it in line with you desired state.

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Together we achieve more. Funny video clip time to watch 2 min

Employee Motivation – It takes more than a Carrot and a Stick

Reward and punishment is a topic that is as old as the human race. The ‘Information Age’ demands new thinking on how we motivate as today’s employees are more connected, more mobile and creative organisations are developing people policies that accept this new reality. 

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