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Winston Churchill said, " It is a mistake to look too far ahead. The chain of destiny can only be grasped one link at a time".
A simple concept but do we always look to overcomplicate things and miss the value of simplicity. One article in this month's Sense from Sensei, "Keep it Simple and See it Work" by Malcolm Follos, shows how keeping things simple works.
We also look at High Performing Teams and how to build global teams to secure strategic growth in the future and Crawford Brown, co-founder and CEO of niche biologics business Eden Biodesign relates the story of how Sensei contributed to a rare phenomenon, a successful integration.
Our guest contributor this month is Dr Max Gowland who talks about "The Need to Measure R&D Performance Within the FMCG Industry" and in our video clip we look at how great leaders inspire action.
      How Sensei contributed to a rare successful integration .

By Samreen McGregor

Crawford Brown, co-founder and CEO of niche biologics business Eden Biodesign, reflected with us on what influenced the successful acquisition of his business by $3.6 billion Watson Pharmaceuticals in 2010.

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KISS IT – Keep It Simple & See It Work

By Malcolm Follos

‘What we need is to offer our clients are accelerant curve demo’s to bring to life our UVP’s’ was the sentence that made me slump in my chair and put my head in my hands.

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R&D Performance Within the FMCG Industry

By Dr Max Gowland

Anyone involved within the innovation process of an fmcg Company will realize that getting their R&D unit firing on six cylinders is one of the keys to success. However, how many CEO’s really know whether their R&D functions are delivering to the max?

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