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Superman, Colombo or You? Some thoughts on being the leader you need to be….

In 2013, Ashridge gathered the views of over 200 managers about the changing nature of leadership¹. The overriding sentiment was around a paradoxical need for, and rejection of, heroic leaders. They concluded that heroism is still important but the nature of heroism has changed.

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The Future of Learning ​Gerd Leonard's view of the future of knowledge and learning
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BREXIT – Should we stay or should we go – it is time for a Strategic Wargame to check out the implications for your organisation.

The Brexit decision is a matter of weeks away and the uncertainty of the result is leading many organisations to hesitate and put off strategic decisions until the result is known. However with uncertainty comes opportunity. This is not a time to stagnate and sit on the side lines, the spoils will go to those organisations that are prepared for whatever the outcome.

If you are a leader of an organisation, function, department, category or public service directorate then this is the ideal time to use a Strategic Wargame in order to explore the impact of different results on your organisation. To quote Sun Tzu in his book The Art of War – ‘whoever is first in the field and awaits the coming of the enemy, will be fresh for the fight, whoever is second in the field and has to hasten will arrive exhausted.’

A Strategic Wargame is fundamentally an exercise in ‘Imagineering’ and can be very powerful in developing new insights and the divergent thinking necessary to improve the quality of your strategic thinking in the face of an unknown threat and or opportunity. A Sensei Wargame is also a rare opportunity to do some collective strategic thinking in an enjoyable and challenging working environment and as such builds teams across business units and functional divides.
Act now whilst the uncertainty abounds, it will give you and your organisation an edge regardless of the outcome. Click here to find out more on how Sensei can help you be prepared and ready whatever the result on 23rd June.

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