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What’s the Value of Value? Are we trapping leaders in a meaningless measurement mind-set?

Leaders have always been required to deliver increased value from the assets they have under their stewardship. In some organisations this is the very essence and definition of effective leadership and they reward their leaders accordingly. Clearly hitting performance targets is a key aspect of any leaders role but a balance needs to be found between how this is achieved and the long term sustainability of the organisation.
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Dan Pink - The Puzzle of Motivation click here to watch

The Search for Value – an intelligent response to the pressures of life

No pressure no diamonds – is a great quote from Thomas Carlyle that epitomises a winning response towards the pressures of life. I recall being told quite early in my career that a diamond was simply a dead piece of wood put under immense pressure and this insight changed my perspective towards pressure, making it a potential force for good rather than a negative emotion caused by the overload of life.

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