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MAHATMA GANDHI said, "I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people."

Our guest editor this month is Crawford Brown, CEO of Eden Biodesign. Crawford looks at the correlation between Great Leaders and Great Leadership Teams. Also, Malcolm Follos tests our maths and asks "Why does 6+1 usually = <7?'
      Do Great Leaders Need a Great Leadership Team?

by Crawford Brown

Winston Churchill, widely recognised as one of Britain’s greatest leaders, observed that ‘history is always written by the victors’. For me, business is a little like history worthy leaders expounding upon the secret source of their success. Note their success not that of their great leadership teams; to the victors the prize of being number 12 in the top 20 business books on the shelves of the book store at the airport.

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Why does 6+1 usually = <7?

by Malcolm Follos

I rarely meet a leader who is entirely happy with the way his or her leadership team is working when they meet as a ‘team’. There is always a gap, sometimes sizable, between what they want from their leadership team and what they actually experience when the team meets. The reasons are many and varied but they mostly lie in the ‘adaptive’ space, the way the team interact with each other and the rituals, habits and routines that grow around any regular event.

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      New Term , New Ideas

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