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Freedom! – 5 lessons for leaders from the 2014 Scottish referendum 

We are still a United Kingdom and the bricklayers of Tyneside getting ready to rebuild Hadrian's Wall, can stand down for a while. 

You cannot fail to be impressed by the level of engagement the recent referendum in Scotland has created on both sides of the border. What can we learn from this unprecedented level of engagement and how can we replicate this in the way we conduct conversations and debates in our organisations? Click to read more…
Our guest contributor in this edition of Sense from Sensei is Peeran Mukadam who is the HR and OD Director at Helidelberg USA Inc. In his article entitled 'Positively Delicious Learning' Peeran explains how he uses 'lunch-n-learn' sessions to help inject new thinking into his organisation. 

I’m a huge fan of the human brain. Imagine one billion neurons packed densely together, firing off electrical signals, communicating through chemical exchanges across infinitesimally small spaces. “So what’s the big deal?” you might ask. Just think; this gooey 3 pound blob in your head defines your sense of self, your capabilities, your relationships and your perception of reality.
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Visions, Missions and all that Jazz

A wise man once said ‘when you are born you are given a brush – you can paint heaven or you can paint hell, the choice is yours, so choose well my friend.’
I often replay these words when I get asked to help leaders and their teams look into the future and ‘imagineer’ a vision and mission for their team, function or organisation. I know from my personal experience leading Sensei that the art of predicting the future is fraught with difficulty, but just because it is difficult does not mean we should not try and do it. Click to read more.

Take 10' to look at this Kiren Sethi's short video on how adults can learn from kids and infect us all with the 'i-can' virus.
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