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Sensei is an award-winning global consultancy which helps organizations worldwide to deliver strategically significant results by improving HUMAN PERFORMANCE and by optimizing the value of team and leadership interactions.

Our innovative and unique HUMAN PERFORMANCE INDEX™ enables leaders to measure human performance. We focus on areas where our clients can raise the bar on performance, productivity and profit, ensuring that any work we do has clear line of sight to specific business aims. This means that a solid return on time, energy and investment is realised.

Our clients recognize us as experts in the process of unlocking potential and focusing this in the right ways to achieve the right outcomes, by emotionally engaging leaders and leadership teams to own the change, take accountability for it and deliver it.

What makes our work unique is the ability to blend our hard edged business performance experience with the softer people development and engagement skills needed to create sustainable performance improvement.

In short ... ‘We do the really hard part of the soft stuff’