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Ashley Forbes

Ashley Forbes

Ashley has recently joined the Sensei UKE team as a Client Director. He specialises in the human dimension of organisational transformation and works internationally across the private and public sectors. Before moving into consultancy, his business experience was in employee relations and organisational development in the chemical and retail sectors in South Africa.

Prior to working with Sensei, Ashley worked as a managing consultant in human performance for Accenture UK & Ireland and then successfully headed up his own consulting practice. He has over 12 years experience in leading the delivery of a wide range of human performance programmes.

Through his work with clients, Ashley enables insight into the challenges of leading in increasingly global, rapidly changing and ‘political’ organisational environments. In doing so he challenges the decision making and planning processes around major organisational and career change. His support is aimed both at overcoming inertia and at the development of a more strategic and rounded view.

Ashley’s strength is assisting his clients and their teams to integrate their own development within the emergent strategy of their organisation and the wider system within which they operate.