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Fred Combe

In addition to his work with Sensei, Fred heads NATUS, a strategic ally of Sensei’s, a corporate consulting firm serving international and Asian clients with business development needs in Asia. To both undertakings, Fred brings the rare experience of blending 18 years working for a major multinational in marketing and senior general management roles with a personal style, which is highly people focused, straightforward and culturally sensitive, while also achieving the desired corporate results.

“Transforming Business through People” is a core belief of behind both companies and how they serve their clients. People are, by far, the most important factor when it comes to a company’s business success. There is no more powerful ingredient than a well-led, passionate and aligned organization. Too often the human factor is underestimated. If the incredible power of human energy, passion and commitment can be unleashed, it can dramatically transform the performance of companies, teams and individuals alike.

Fred can support companies, teams and individuals through demanding and difficult business transition. Fred’s business-building geographic focus is largely South East Asia, serving Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines and Laos.