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Gerald Abeyawardena

Gerald “The General” Abeyawardena, Partner & Senior Consultant, Asia Pacific

Gerald ‘The General’ Abeyawardena is a world-class Leadership success and change Coach. He heads Sensei’s Singapore office with a blend of empathy, passion, pragmatism, and keen insight into making real change happen.

‘The General’ is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute (UK), with over 26 years of general management and Change Management experience in the UK, Middle East, Asia Pacific and South Asia Regions. He has a Technology and Management degree from Brunel University (UK), complemented by a Post-Graduate qualification in Management.

He developed Total Quality Management (TQM), Customer Care, Product & Project Management within British Telecom. In Sensei, ‘The General’ has been extensively trained by Omar Khan in Continuous Improvement (CI), Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques and Leadership Development.

Whilst specializing overall in Change Management, the General’s other key areas of expertise are Organizational Development, Needs Analyses (including Baldridge-based interventions) and Customer Care.

‘The General’ currently focuses on Leadership Coaching & Counselling for senior and middle management. He has a natural ability to easily translate his wealth of personal experience into a coaching context in various countries, for a wide range of nationalities. This, together with his overwhelming passion to give his clients value and a propensity towards caring & holistic development makes him a much sought after Executive Coach. His strong cultural diversity (born in Sri Lanka, lived in the UK, carried out assignments globally) and his engineering background give him a head start in forming relationships with both technical and non-technical people, of any ethnic background.

The General’s diverse customer portfolio includes multinational companies such as Unilever, Hewlett Packard, Singer, BAT, Mars, HSBC, Maersk, Reckitt Benckiser etc and leading national organizations like Rahimafrooz Batteries, National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia, Phoenix (Brandix), Sampath Bank, Clipsal, Agora Supermarkets, The Board of Investment, Sri Lankan Airlines, Joint Apparel Association Forum amongst others.