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Kamrul Hasan

Kamrul Hasan – Country Director (Bangladesh), Management Consultant, Sensei Wisdom Holdings.

Kamrul is a management consultant specializing in business development and relationship management with a novel holistic approach in consulting for business success.

He has 16 years of diversified business development and relationship management experience in diverse range of businesses that includes HSBC, Ericsson, ZTE, Huawei, Dun & Bradstreet and BRAC Bank. His responsibilities in these companies required guiding C-Level executives of various organisations across the Telecom industry succeed in their businesses. His role enabled him help leading organisations and entrepreneurs to excel in business and scale up their operations by unlocking hidden potential.

In his tenure of five years in the corporate banking division of BRAC Bank, Kamrul received the Chairman’s Excellence Award from Sir Fazleh Hasan Abed for his outstanding contribution to the growth of the bank. He is the only employee of the banks corporate banking division who was bestowed this honour in the short 15-year history of the Bank. He also achieved the Ericsson Certified Services Sales Professional qualification.

His experience over a decade spans diverse industries that includes; Financial, Telecommunications and Credit-Rating. While Kamrul’s signature expertise is business development and relationship management, his understanding of the changing global business complexities, technology, social media, finance, change management & continuous improvement, has helped him provide holistic inputs to companies, which has been a valuable contribution to business growth, beyond projected potential.

His understanding of the conscious and sub-conscious mind; the engine that drives life to sustain, grow & prosper business and social growth, makes a significant impact on creating a better universe for our future generations.