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Melanie De Jong

Melanie De Jong, Senior Consultant, UKE

A decade ago Melanie participated in a Sensei workshop in Colombo, Sri Lanka and ‘knew’ she wanted to be a part of the Sensei team..,9 years later as a Senior Sensei International facilitator and change consultant, Mel has successfully trained and facilitated in over 18 countries spanning  Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific and South Asian Regions.

With her authentic relaxed style of facilitation, exposure to many cultures and organizations around the world coupled with her background in Management & Psychology, Mel makes delegates feel comfortable, and ensures that her sessions are relevant and practical for corporate professionals, Young Adults and kids. As a part of Sensei’s diverse and passionate team she has worked with clients such as Unilever, 3M, HP, The Ritz Carlton, BAT, Maersk, ABN-AMRO, HSBC, Holcim, Nestle, Hayleys Group, First Gulf Bank, Suntel, Singer, Sri Lankan Airlines, Sri Lanka Telecom, Triumph, Glaxo Smith Kline and various youth groups in Sri Lanka.

Over the years, Mel has also been a key member in making ‘Sensei mega learning events’  come alive in Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Dubai which featured world renowned Management Thinkers and Gurus such as Tom Peters, Dr Edward de Bono, Jack Trout, Ron Kaufman, Robert Holden, Robin Speculand, Bob Urichuk and Omar Khan etc…