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Naazir Khan

Naazir Khan, Senior Consultant

After graduating in Law from Punjab University Law College Lahore Naazir went on for further studies to Free University Berlin, Germany for Management courses as well as becoming a qualified interpreter (being fluent in German). He spent 8 years in Germany and traveled extensively in Europe. He ran his own business as a director of computer institute in Pakistan but his genuine interest in people development and the keen study of human psyche has resulted in his involvement in self-development programs. He is certified in many self-development programs like, Autogenous training (Germany), Yoga, TM, Silva Mind Control, Reiki, Avatar and finally found NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) as a source of inspiration and permanent change. Naazir joined Omar Khan, a pioneer in bringing NLP to Pakistan, in 1994 and has facilitated many of his workshops thereby liberating himself from the old indoctrinated paradigms and shifting to the paradigm of enlightenment, learning the technology and developing himself into an NLP trainer. He is a member of the team with Omar Khan who founded Training 2000, the forerunner of Sensei International. Besides administrative responsibilities Naazir adds to the Sensei portfolio by conducting NLP programs in Urdu and simple English for people who are not comfortable in attending training sessions conducted solely in English. He is a living example of change and knows how to handle change in the times of chaos and uncertainty. He is a popular sought after Counselor in NLP.

His signature programs include:

  • Power Of Purpose (derivative for Mastery of Self)
  • Living Beyond Limits (derivative for Mastery of Self)
  • Stress and Time Management
  • Interviews of Employees and preparing Analysis Report
  • NLP Counseling