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Patrick O’Keeffe

Patrick O’Keeffe, Managing Partner, Australia

He brings the rare experience of blending 27 years working for a major multinational, British American Tobacco, in Marketing and Senior General Management roles with a personal style which is highly people focused and which blends analytical rigour coupled with humour and sensitivity.

Patrick graduated from the University of Westminster with a B.A.Honours in Business Studies, and has been a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing since 1983. He has lived in Brazil, Venezuela, Turkey, Chile and Singapore, where for the last 10 years he has focused principally on ASEAN countries. He has also had experience in the Middle East and Africa.

Patrick’s prime areas of expertise are:

  • Strategic Leadership
    Aligning Vision, Values, Objectives, Strategies and Balanced Scorecard into realistic programmes for execution be they 10 year Full Potential Analyses or 1 year Company Plans, and ensuring the Senior Team has the skills to deliver the desired goals in each area. The development of breakthrough thinking in how to grow businesses either organically or through strategic partnerships, Patrick has significant experience of developing Joint Ventures in Turkey, Cambodia, Vietnam and elsewhere. Patrick also has hands on experience of managing through a major merger and how to execute the core processes to ensure that business performance is maintained whilst cultural change is achieved.

  • People Leadership & Management Development
    Patrick has significant expertise in all aspects of management development, particularly at senior level, encompassing recruitment strategies and processes, identification and development of core management competencies, and reward and retention strategies. Additionally he has worked extensively on various individual and corporate culture measurement and improvement programmes.

  • Corporate Governance & Social Responsibility
    Patrick has worked extensively in the areas of practical application of Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility, in terms of educating and developing individual and team competencies to balance external requirements with the achievement of internal goals in ways that ensure full effectiveness of both areas.