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“Become a better leader” – Interview with Omar Khan

Omar was recently interviewed by an Asia-wide Business Channel on tips for becoming a better boss and getting more productive results from our teams. Each of these segments became very popular talking points for key professionals and companies in that region and beyond. The ideas and applications, as you will see, are universal and of global relevance. Enjoy!

Chapter 1:
How to help implement changes successfully



Chapter 1: How to help implement changes successfully

Chapter 2: How to find “Leadership Breakthrough Areas”

Chapter 3: How to improve customer satisfaction fast!

Chapter 4: How to unleash passion, initiative and enterprise in your team

Chapter 5: How to bring global teams together for optimum results

Chapter 6: How to develop real leaders fast!

Chapter 7: How to get the right blend between centralization and headquarters and democracy for operating units

Chapter 8: How to stay successful

Chapter 9: How to become a stronger leader personally

Chapter 10: How to ensure that performance reviews add value