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The Client: Avon and Somerset Constabulary is one of the country’s larger police forces with a total staff of over 6000 and an annual spend of more than £280 million. It faces the same tough challenges as every other police force in the country: delivering a consistently better service without an infinitely increasing budget.

The Challenge: Like many other organizations, ASC is going through organizational change and long‐established teams and departments are having to review the way they work and the value they bring to the organization. For at least two departments within the constabulary this meant that the focus, direction and contribution were slightly out of kilter with the requirements of the force.

The Work We Did: Unfortunately, as in so many organizations, teams are constantly trapped by the operational “hamster wheel” and the vital first step was to create the space to jump off the wheel and think about the future. We worked with both departments in a very similar way: designing and facilitating Away Days to support the departments in creating a compelling vision and a strategic plan that would enable them to rise to the challenges the organization is placing upon them. We worked with the teams to ensure that all their staff were fully aligned behind what the department had to deliver, whilst facilitating, coaching and challenging them to ensure that everyone’s voice was heard and everyone made a contribution. Our engaging style, careful design and supportive facilitation meant that, in each case, enormous value was derived from the minimum investment of time and effort. It is amazing what a team can achieve when given the right space, direction and support.

The Outcomes: Both departments now have a more strategic relationship and are acting as “trusted advisors” to the Chief Officer Group on the appropriate matters. Staff morale and job satisfaction have improved significantly.