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Setting bar-elevating global standards

The Client: A major global hotel chain launched a new type of hotel for the Asia Pacific region in Singapore, different in scope and style to its clubby hotels found elsewhere.  Our clients wanted the Singapore property to set a new global standard that other hotels would aspire to. Our client had inculcated globally benchmarked learning systems and approaches at the Singapore hotel. The challenge was to get the leadership team to be passionately focused on creating a genuine sense of difference and ‘edge’ for the goal to be successfully achieved.

The Work We Did: This was already a world-class service organization with excellent foundations in place. In order to raise the bar higher, we needed to create highly customized approaches and tools that gelled with the existing concepts, approaches, language and style. Sensei worked with the Guidance Team, and then the next-level leaders, on connecting their own personal goals to their roles in the business. Sensei helped the team to conduct a diagnosis that would enable them to understand how to identify and eliminate key ‘passion killers’ (systems, behaviours, attitudes, approaches) and amplify potential passion liberators.  In this strongly leader-led effort, Sensei provided highly customized sessions, service benchmarking and insights, team feedback, and coaching interventions at individual and team levels at key points.

The Outcomes: The Singapore hotel became the flagship for the company globally by setting a new standard for the type of hotel- our client could manage and run effectively. Senior leaders who were part of this effort went on to head numerous other award-winning properties throughout the world for our client. However, the Singapore hotel was rated for many years as the world’s best business hotel by numerous bodies and led the local industry in terms of customer loyalty, profitability, rates achieved per room, banqueting, and customer satisfaction ratings.