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VIDEO: Testimonial from Vasu Chetty at Reckitt Benckiser

AUDIO: Testimonial from Clare Walker at Reckitt Benckiser

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The Client: Reckitt Benckiser, RB, is a global force in household, health and personal care branded consumer goods. The company has sales of over £6 billion and consistently grows ahead of the industry due to its leading brands, its operations in over 60 countries, sales in over 180 and its highly motivated multinational leadership teams. RB is the world’s biggest manufacturer of household cleaning supplies and has managed to raise its sales and profit targets during the global recession, whereas their main rivals have either reduced them or scrapped them all together.

The Work We Do: Many of the leaders in RB have chosen Sensei as a trusted business advisor over the last few years. The RB operating culture is highly results focused with leaders from many different countries working long and hard to develop and grow existing brands into new markets and to develop new products to fuel the growth of trusted household and health and personal care brands in developed markets around the world.

Our work with RB has mostly been at the interface between their people and their processes, helping them get the best from both. We have also helped integrate new functional teams post acquisition of Boots Healthcare and helped their many multinational leadership teams accelerate the journey to high performance with suitable coaching interventions and leadership team workshops. In addition we have developed many tailored development programmes for various functions across RB and have brought several technical skills training topics to life, making them relevant and useful for their culturally diverse high potential managers.

For example, we designed and deployed a global team based project management workshop to support their best in class new product development process. One of RB’s key strategic weapons is their ability to turn ideas into goods on shelf in around 9 months, which is at least 3 months quicker than their nearest rivals. We are proud to say our innovative process work and training design in support of their new product development process has helped deliver this key strategic aim.

We have designed several Value for Time conferences and workshops for various functions including R&D, IT, Global & Regional Regulatory, Supply, and Sales &

Marketing. These conferences are always highly rated as we enable their managers and leaders to engage in the business challenges they face in a fun and innovative way.

RB use Sensei as a trusted advisor and experienced facilitator for any session where they need to get a diverse set of participants quickly focused on a strategic task and working well together. Our ability to design and flex our approach and our challenging and engaging facilitation style works really well in their highly results focused, high performing operating environment.