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Our Clients

Our clients are a Who's Who of leading global companies, some choice 'upstarts' who are redefining their respective markets and some exciting regional leaders expanding their reach and accelerating their growth.

What our clients tend to have in common is their commitment to keep raising the bar. In that pursuit, they take their human assets seriously and understand that human performance leads to business performance as a multiplier to company assets -- an ongoing virtuous cycle when tapped and leveraged.

These are companies and cultures who realize that engaging leaders and teams; improving the value of interactions, key relationships and 'radical' conversations throughout the business; and focusing on the human performance component of business performance are tremendous differentiators and provide powerful advantages.

Sensei's client base and experience encompasses North America , Latin America, Europe, North Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and Australia.

Some key clients we have partnered with over a span of almost two decades are:


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