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Helping you succeed – the living leadership breakthrough

STEP 1:  The Leadership Possibility Index: Through a combination of interactions, customised questionnaires, focus groups, and other instruments, we can help you deeply understand the adaptive (human: attitudinal and interactive) opportunities and barriers to heightened performance.
STEP 2:  The Leadership Possibility Success Path: We will develop a clear and compelling implementation path to deliver the benefits we’ve defined together. This will involve engaging your key leaders, individually and collectively, and getting them emotionally committed to making it happen. We’ll demonstrate the mutual accountabilities we’ll have to be comfortable with together, to make our partnership a resounding success on your behalf.
STEP 3:  The Living Leadership Solution: Based on the path we’ve co-created, we’ll deploy some of the most exciting and ‘edge creating’ leadership interventions available. Please see a list of some of our premium tools and leadership development experiences below. However, these will all be adapted and configured for your culture, aspirations and priorities.
STEP 4:  The Living Leadership ROI: We build into all our interventions an ongoing tracking system, a dashboard with relevant quantitative and/or qualitative metrics that we’ve together agreed are meaningful and worth reaching for and realizing. We’ll continue to course correct with you and thereby proactively enhance the value being received by you and your organization throughout.
STEP 5:  The Leadership Possibility Scorecard: At an agreed juncture, we’ll do a formal evaluation of what’s been achieved, what we’ve learned from the experience, the skills and competencies transferred, and what you need to do to sustain and extend the breakthroughs produced. We’ll look at how we can continue as coaches and allies where and if needed while ensuring your ability to institutionalize the changes and to take this forward increasingly on your own.

  1. Dangers that we help tackle, obstacles we help diminish, and problems we help solve.
    • Difficulty in creating leadership alignment, buy-in and forward momentum behind agreed strategies.
    • Challenges with growing leaders at all levels to the level of excellence desired.

    • Problems with burn-out, being overwhelmed by tasks and responsibilities, and possible conflicts within the organization.

  2. Opportunities we help focus on, secure and help you take advantage of.
    • Ability to unify the entire organization behind a positive, proactive and increasingly productive leadership and value creation focus.
    • Revitalising performance and helping it to rise to new levels of creative fulfilment.

    • Creating a stimulating and refreshing environment in which optimal focus can go to realising client and growth opportunities

  3. The Plan and Path

    Numerous tools exist to help realise the above. They are detailed below. In addition, some of our newest tools and focus areas, some of which we touched on, are also highlighted after the initial presentation.

    The choice of tools and precise implementation path would be mapped out in concert with yourselves depending upon what we converge on together.

  4. Reinforcing existing strengths

    All our work seeks to be synergistic with your culture and needs. Being a boutique consultancy we do not have ‘solutions looking for problems’. While we have a clear set of proprietary methodologies and approaches, they assume significant adaptation and customisation. That’s where our real expertise and experience comes in. We often find the need to be particularly mindful of:

    • The need for the organization to take increasing leadership in defining its niche as well as talent and customer value proposition.
    • The need for heightened leadership ability, at the emotional and behavioural epicenter of real effectiveness.
    • The need to create a strong sense of both unity and paradoxically a restlessness with the status quo.

    • Creating a new and heightened experience of a value-added leadership culture that can come increasingly alive through your project work.

  5. What we bring to the endeavour.

    We have been privileged to serve some of the world’s leading companies. These include: Nestle, American Express, Microsoft, HP, Unilever, Johnson&Johnson, 3M, Singapore Airlines, Businessweek, The Young President’s organization, Motorola, Standard Chartered, Emirates Airlines, The Ritz-Carlton, Hilton International, British American Tobacco and numerous others.

    We represent experience spanning North America, Europe, the Middle East, South Asia and Asia Pacific. We have clients in each of these regions and a strong team of partners and allies that have both global vision and ability as well as local understanding and flexibility.

    Our focus is as much on the experience of learning as the content of learning. We believe one has to teach always to the whole person. The aim of our learning experiences, whether sessions or coaching or consulting, is for the interaction to be as transformational as possible and tangibly catalytic of realisable future improvements. We always seek to create a microcosm of the culture we are trying to help the client realise in the interactions that take place.

  6. The Unique Process

    Everything we do is based essentially on ‘The Leadership Quest’ process which has emerged from the last 15 years of extensive, global experience and from assisting highly innovative change initiatives on behalf of some of the world’s leading corporate citizens. We believe (and you can assess below) that these approaches and tools have a high degree of both effectiveness and originality.

    We’ve picked some of our most distinctive and frequently called upon tools. However this is not an exhaustive list and all undertakings are customized to your specific needs and aspirations.

PHASE I: Strategy into Action.

This 3 day experience allows us to help organizations look at their true distinctive value, how to move from ‘good to great’ (building on and yet adapting Jim Collins’ research), renew and revitalise vision and mission, create top team alignment, expand and express key transformational values and behaviours, look at the Key Value Tasks, and Critical Breakthrough Factors over the next 18 months, create excitement and enthusiasm for carrying this forward.

We most often precede Strategy into Action with advance needs analysis, plus follow-up report and recommendations and consulting debrief with senior team.

PHASE II: Leadership Quest.

This transformational 3 day leadership development experience excels in separating out strategic, leadership and operational contributions, stimulating ‘stretch’, helping to convert the ‘ceiling’ into the ‘floor’, breaking down silo barriers, applying situational leadership, dealing with leadership temptations and team dysfunctions, amplifying synergy, building proactivity, improving communication and listening skills, learning to create a learning as well as judiciously ‘forgetting’ organization, breaking past barriers and sustaining breakthroughs.

This is run for all ‘leaders’, in groups of 30. Significant organizational improvement ideas and feedback are generated from each run, and are integrated into a professional ‘application’ report that is then shared after all runs in an intensive one day ‘breakthrough’ session with senior leaders.

Next level people can be run through a powerful supportive version of this called ‘Peak Performance’, which takes these learnings and applies them to middle managers, implementers and team contributors.

PHASE III: Customer Bill of Rights and Internal Customer Bill of Rights

In an intensive 2-3 day session we map all the customer ‘perception points’ or ‘moments of truth’ and create service standards. We recommend customer interviews based on a ‘customer review’ format we have evolved. From these service standards, a Customer Bill of Rights (CBOR) is evolved. Initially this is an internal document, used to stimulate improvement internally. Eventually, this becomes a marketing and communication tool to further build customer loyalty, interaction and feedback.

To underwrite this and ensure it is delivered, we have each internal department interview the other, and on the basis of a powerful framework we equip them with, an ‘Internal Customer Bill of Rights’ is evolved — a set of internal customer service commitments — which enable an ‘internal customer satisfaction score’ to be assessed and improved upon quarterly. External customer service is just a print-out of internal customer service, and this ensures that our ‘back stage’ work delivers a powerful ‘front stage’ experience.

Phase IV: Team Based Project Success (TBPS)

Projects are the life-blood of every organization. Yet to improve processes, deliver new products and services, remove waste, amplify productivity, 5-6 key projects, most critical to the success of the organization, taking the full range of ‘Balanced Scorecard’ areas, are selected using a key ‘success selection’ format we will make available. A group of internal facilitators, team leaders and team members are trained, and in an exciting, passion-fostering, result-amplifying coaching partnership, we support not only breakthrough results over a six month period, but the creation of a ‘lab for the desired culture’. The teams will be coached to demonstrate the desired values, leadership behaviours and approaches taught in LQ, bring them to life in the context of a practical project, and then become ambassadors as they work and add value through their regular work and contribution.

Such a catalyst creates strong enthusiasm, attention and desire among others, to also have such visibility and opportunity. We will work with the organization to offer due recognition and support of legitimate achievements.


Individual Leadership Coaching. Here we define some solid achievement and results criteria, establish success conditions over a six month period, work closely in concert with the coachee. Each month there is 2-3 hours of face-to-face coaching time, weekly e mail coaching, fortnightly phone coaching, and the coach is ‘on call’. This is often done with the CEO and senior team, and or next level ‘high potentials’ being groomed for upcoming leadership positions.

Phase VI: Performance Development Coaching

Here in a 2 day experience for senior leaders, we would, with video feedback, use the performance appraisal system as a framework for assessing the quality of annual development feedback. A ‘quality check’ system for world class performance development coaching feedback would be evolved and could then be utilised throughout the organization.

We also offer consulting on weaving in ‘values’ to the hard objectives checked by the performance review including design, inclusion and integration.


This is offered through our partners, the Tom Peters Company. A powerful 2 day experience on linking each professional’s ‘personal brand’ with the company brand. This teaches how to optimize personal brand value and convert it into a value-adding achievement partnership with others. This is an extraordinary, leading edge learning experience for up to 20 delegates for the 2 days, complete with full application material, using case studies, Tom Peter’s video and other learning enhancements.


Once the organization has made enough progress, is registering results, and needs to amplify momentum and ‘re-energize’ its progress, we offer this powerful 2 day breakthrough experience (for up to 40 people each run), which will help to deal with stress, dissolve fears and inhibitions, teach people to move beyond personal limits, amplify rapport, create a ‘zone of achievement’ around them, extend the breakthrough, redefine what’s possible, and live into the full range of their own potential and possibility.



This is a tool that provides a heightened coaching format. I would recommend this for a senior team. Or if you want to give them a miss, then the senior-most level thereafter.

What would happen is that there would be a day with the senior team learning some of the tools, distinctions and applications of ‘radical conversations’, a truth and breakthrough-based methodology for getting past ‘ceilings of complexity’ and status quo prisons in areas where leadership or cultural progress seems log-jammed.

This would then be followed by having each senior leader identify, in a one-to-one coaching discussion (to be held each alternate month over a 6 month period), the ‘radical conversations’ they need to have that could literally create powerful and explosive change through them. They would identify the people, the teams, the barriers, the risks, the opportunities. With the coach, using ‘radical conversation methodology’, they would commit to these dialogues and prepare for them with the senior coach. A series of at least six major ”RC’s” would be identified and followed through with over this period.

There would be a summary meeting at the end, one day again with the senior leaders, looking at learnings, insights, thoughts and ideas about how to broaden the use of the methodology and how it might be introduced at different levels of the organization. This is one of the most powerful tools I’ve encountered or utilised. It is based on the premise that we are where we are with the people around us, and possibly in our entire life, either because of the conversations we HAVE or HAVEN’T had, and how FULLY and CONGRUENTLY we’ve had them. I can promise you a seismic benefit if you’ll get everyone to fully commit to the process and give this a strong mandate.



The idea here would be to first gather with senior leaders and assess key ‘teachable points of view’ that leaders feel need to be transferred throughout the organization. These could be hard or soft, operational or strategic, cultural or emotive, breakthrough or prosaic.

We would then agree to create some special forums for those particular ‘teachable points of view’ that we feel need to be far more fully ingrained, or which we feel our natural interactions and scheduled meetings are unlikely to fully drive home.

Facilitators would be trained in advanced facilitation skills, especially relevant to the GE Work-out model as enhanced by Sensei, and customized for you. At each forum, a ‘teachable points of view’ (TPOV) would be presented by a senior manager. Facilitators would guide participants in coming up with questions, concerns, as well as giving feedback as to inhibitors or demotivators relative to bring that TPOV to life. Facilitators would be trained to make sure these emerge as recommendations and ideas, not outbursts of whining. Managers would tackle these issues with a commitment of immediate action (and would be empowered to do so), vigorous dialogue if giving a clear ‘no’ to a recommendation (so learning and teaching occurs), and/or a promise to revert within 30 days if it is not a decision they can personally make. Of course this promise must be tracked and ensured in terms of follow through to build maximum credibility.

By fixing 4-5 key TPOV’s, and creating various interactions taking different slices of the organization, we can not only create a teaching reality, but a true two way communication flow, mediated by facilitators trained in-house, who can help us get to the root of real barriers, demotivators, and elicit genuine improvement ideas and perhaps genuine innovations as well. This again ensures that ‘ideas travel’.

This process can create significant buy-in and alignment relative to certain key initiatives that you want to be executed in a world-class way, while improving the learning and teaching culture, as well as building the EQ of the organization, due to these powerful interactions.


Goal Cultivator Communities (GCC’s) are excellent ways to improve relationships throughout the organization, amplify overall synergy, as well as to get people to take growth and personal development seriously. It is also a wonderful ‘time out’ from the everyday, a chance to refresh creative faculties and recharge performance batteries.

Essentially, we recommend 4 GCC’s be kicked off in the initial phase. Ideally these should be cross functional and multi-level, but you could also just take ‘slices’ of the organization that you would like to have better mutual understanding or who you’d like to offer better lateral service to each other.

Each community meets once a quarter over a year. On the surface, each community focuses on two issues each meeting. One, community building across diverse viewpoints and realities: This includes communicating with greater courage, vulnerability and authenticity, aligning values, exposing feelings and more. However, that is the ‘subtext’ of what is going on, and is given explicit attention primarily in the first meeting, and then just serves as a template that is monitored and enhanced throughout.

Additionally, on the surface, there is a theme related to Goals and goal achievement, and both personal and professional life are targeted. Here are the usual focus areas for year

Each meeting will begin with a report of achievements and applications from last time. And community members will commit to send a ‘half-way point’ update of what they’ve been doing, which will be shared with other community members over the quarter. As they are part of the same organization, they are likely to also have the option to meet informally, intersect or collaborate in their normal work environments, allowing the dialogues and mutual understanding to blossom and thrive in the intermediate period.

The goals of the GCC’s are various. One, to satisfy an unspoken craving for membership in a productive, supportive, future-focused community. Two, to teach the skills of creating community, alignment, rapport building and ‘graceful confronting’. Three, to share key breakthroughs in goal theory, and apply them for personal as well as professional benefit. Four, to make such learning more pertinent and real, by ensuring it is part of a process which has some accountability, and which is enriched by everyone’s shared experience. Five, to build relationships and goal affinity in different sectors of the organization.

A Sensei facilitator would be present to facilitate each meeting. Each GCC is usually 8-10 members, and the quarterly meetings would be roughly 3-4 hours in duration.


These are three of the most exciting cultural and leadership breakthrough initiatives that we’ve been a part of, and which are truly ‘leading the leading edge’ in terms of advanced change and leadership application. We feel strongly that these in concert would offer you an outstanding leadership and communication quantum leap.