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Occasionally you come across ideas that excite you… and HPI is one of them! Most measures of human performance provide a ‘snap-shot’ in time. They measure engagement or learning hours or turnover. But what they don’t measure is how human assets combine with other company assets to deliver peak performance or not. In this video Omar Khan reveals why having a great strategy, simplifying your supply chain or optimizing talent and building a winning culture will not give you the edge over you competitors if you don’t execute these in your distinctive way.
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Human Performance Improvement Process

The Sensei Human Performance Index™ – What it is and why it matters (Part 1)

The Sensei Human Performance Index™ – The 5 Step Approach (Part 2)

The Sensei Human Performance Index – How do you you measure human performance in your organization?

Human Performance – What does it mean?

Sensei Human Performance Index™ – Making people believe in themselves

The Sensei HPI at work for Agora – Ranjan De Silva

Leadership Journeys

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How to bring global teams together for optimum results

Senior Team Engagement

Omar Khan explains his leadership philosophy

How to become a stronger leader personally

Leaders of the Future

Sense from Sensei – The end of the ‘one size fits all’ leader

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How to develop real leaders fast!

Coaching Breakthrough Performance

Omar Khan talks about coaching for results

Sensei Breakthrough Coaching – ‘Feed forward’ instead of feedback

Helping you succeed – the living leadership breakthrough

How to find ‘Leadership Breakthrough Areas’

Liberating Passion

Prime Interview on “Business Success Through Liberating Passion” on Channel News Asia

How the world’s best global leaders produce winning results

How to unleash passion, initiative and enterprise in your team

Embedding Change

Four Fundamental Principles Of Embedding Change

How to help implement changes successfully

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