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Keynotes & Sessions

We customize and adapt speeches, presentations, facilitated sessions, Q&A’s and more.

We design them with you and help you make them powerfully successful.

Here is one of our most popular keynotes followed by one of our most globally requested 1 day presentations:


In this presentation, drawing on Omar’s 14 plus years of working in the US, UK, Europe, the Middle East, South Asia and Asia Pacific, we will explore the reason why most change efforts misfire, why most senior leadership proclamations are met with guffaws of derision (okay, perhaps a more tame, cynical arching of the eyebrows in less expressive climes), and why companies experience ‘intiative overload’ (whereby we initiate in haste, and don’t follow through at leisure).

We’ll explore:

  • The truth about passion as a leadership report card
  • The need for emotional engagement, and why it’s the most pragmatic strategy of all
  • The challenge of making strategy real (and how to realise that opportunity)
  • How to get past the barriers we have ourselves covertly (and sometimes unknowingly) erected
  • Growing results, while growing our people, and even growing ourselves

1 day session based on TIMELESS LEADERSHIP:

In this exciting, interactive and impactful presentation we will explore a number of aspects of ‘timeless’ leadership.

  • A World on the March. The world is experiencing convulsive change along all kinds of epicenters. Many of these have implications on our corporate and personal strategies, how we communicate and how we prepare. Moreover, understanding those challenges helps us distill the essential leadership challenge to a few powerful basics.

    LEARN TO: Adapt, innovate, prepare, and thrive professionally and personally in the exciting and turbulent times ahead. We will gain key strategies for leveraging our personal leadership in this global context.

  • TheStrategic Plateau. We all hit ‘ceilings of complexity’. These are moments when our past strategies don’t work. Above we spoke about this in a ‘macro’ way. Here we confront it in the ‘micro’ dimension, in the tissue of every day and hour. The Strategic Plateau occurs when more and more effort produces less and less results. What this calls for is re-imagination and re-invention.

    LEARN TO: Get free of ‘paradigm prisons’, provoke and help co-create alternative future paths, optimise the collective intelligence of your team to transcend status quo approaches.

  • The Shared results conversation. To achieve anything today, we have to effectively partner and synergise. A la Jack Welch, this has to happen in a ‘boundaryless’ manner. We have to be able to align meaningfully across hierarchical, geographical, or even stylistic barriers. This tool will show us ‘how’.

    LEARN TO: Create powerful partnerships and mutual accountability with bosses, colleagues, direct reports, customers, suppliers, family members.

  • The Positive Focus. How often have we seen impressive change efforts sputter out and not deliver on expectations? We all find it hard to sustain our energy and recharge our batteries.This simple but multi-faceted tool and approach can help transform our relationship to life and all those we engage with.

    LEARN TO: Revive ‘possibility’ and positivity, amplify constructive gratitude, reframe challenges into opportunities, enroll every voice in the vision.

  • The Energy Breakthrough. We all worry about ‘time management’, yet our concern is misplaced. After we review briefly the insights of quadrant theory and the 20/80 principle, we’ll show how the real key is focusing, prioritising and channeling our energy.

    LEARN TO: Create far more results with far less confusion, wear-and-tear, stress, fewer messes, and far greater satisfaction, productivity and fun!

  • The 6 E’s and Moments of Truth. What is the kind of coaching required to get people both galvanized and achieving? We’ll share a powerful and replicable case study. Moreover, how can we apply the concept of ‘moments of truth’ to reinventing our customer and team experience so that it expresses both our aspirations and our values?

    LEARN TO: Ignite a team for shared success. Understand ‘vision moments’ and ‘value moments’ and use them to provide a superior team and employee experience. Move from ‘customer and team satisfaction’ to ‘customer and team success’.

  • Environments For Success. All companies these days are looking for ways to instill passion. The frequently echoed question is, ‘How do you build passion?’ Sadly, this is the wrong question. We’ll discover the REAL question and learn how to LIVE the answer!

    LEARN TO: Liberate passion, empathy, excitement and engagement throughout your workplace. Learn how to create a place where people contribute their epic energies, not just their compliant ones.

  • Leaders At All Levels. Finally leadership has to be a common culture, an exciting yet challenging reality that is felt and expressed at all levels of your organization. We’ll show you how to make that more of a reality and how to challenge and invite everyone to express credibility.

    LEARN TO: ‘Unpack’ credibility into a set of simple yet immediately applicable habits and commitments that you can use to drive a compelling leadership and team culture.

  • *The 30 Day Take-off. Using the concept of ‘radical conversations’, we’ll invite you to customise the above insights into a plan of action that can give you value and increased success the very next day. This is about concepts into personal action!

You’ll leave the day with a far greater sense of leadership and personal possibility. You’ll leave armed with insights, tools and methodologies you can immediately share with your team and leverage for tangibly greater success as well as deeper personal satisfaction.