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Leadership for Change

Senior Team Engagement

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Senior Leadership teams have a critical and primary role in organizational success. They need to catalyze and crystallize strategy. They need to ensure they themselves are powerfully and effectively aligned and that this is communicated and experienced by all the other teams in the organization. They need to model the behaviors necessary for success and establish priorities that are reflected in how the organization allocates resources and assesses rewards. They have to engage, mobilize and focus multiple teams of talent on an ongoing basis. They have to drive the processes that will deliver success and ensure customer partnership is a towering living commitment and not empty words. We ensure your senior leaders operate as a dynamic and synergized team that leads the organization to today’s performance and tomorrow’s growth – your senior team becomes a competitive advantage for the business.

Leadership Journeys

Your organization is a corporate leader. Your leaders reflect some of the best available global talents. Your aim is, of course, to optimize their individual AND collective potential. You also need to ensure that their priorities synergize, that they can leverage off each other to innovate productively and that together they are creating a leadership and performance culture that will sustain your growth and progress in the years ahead. It is with these very real aspirations in mind that we have helped to innovate and design ‘Leadership Journeys’.    Learn more…

Leaders of the Future

‘The future isn’t what it used to be and it’s time for a new breed of leader to emerge…

The recent economic crisis has placed leadership and how it is deployed in the spotlight like never before. It has also starkly demonstrated that many organizations simply did not have robust enough plans to survive without significant trauma. For many traditional leaders, the last few years have simply been a challenge too far, as they have been caught holding on to false assumptions about how the future will unfold. Those in leadership roles now find themselves in many cases leading organizations that are bearing the scars of the recent recession. Their people are feeling battered and bruised and, in many cases, fearful of any more change that might threaten their livelihood.

To help leaders respond to this challenge in a smart and intelligent way, we have developed Sensei’s ‘Leaders of the Future’ service, an innovative and cost-effective way to develop future leaders in today’s cost-conscious climate. Learn more…

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