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Do energy drinks come with passion and enthusiasm, too?

By Richard Ferguson

FoodBev.com – 09.11.2010

I noticed recently that a new organic, Fairtrade, all-singing all-dancing energy drink has just been unleashed on the parched and arid wasteland that is the UK consumer. It made me reflect on a number of things, not least the power of a good story in selling something – in this case a product, but it could be organizational change …

Now, the one common denominator in all of the successful organizational transformations that I have been involved with has been a compelling story or storyteller sitting at the heart of the programme. This individual, or even better the story itself, has managed to transcend the dull yet necessary programme ‘roadshow’ of plans, deliverables and route maps, to become something simple, honest and powerful that acts as a beacon to draw people in.

It may be worth reflecting on your particular challenges in your organizations as we run up to a busy time of year:

  • What stories are permeating your organization?
  • Who are people listening to?
  • Are they helping you or hindering you?

The other thought triggered by reading about the launch was that of the need for energy enhancing drinks to do the work of natural passion, enthusiasm and delight in what we do at work.

I know that energy drinks are important and not just used in the work place, but we should remember that when we really care, or are really excited, we’ll happily go for hours on nothing but fresh air and enthusiasm.

I’m reminded every morning, when my youngest daughter attempts to get out of bed. Monday to Friday, the process is painfully slow and requires a helping hand, and come the weekend she is transformed. The difference is that she is passionate about her weekends and desperate to take advantage of every minute.

Are you and your people excited enough about what you’re doing to get you out of bed with a zing? Or do you need the organizational equivalent of the energy drink and/or help in getting ready?