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Sensei successfully launched the Human Performance Index

Sensei leads the way in measuring human performance impact in organizations!

Sensei’s HUMAN PERFORMANCE INDEX™ (HPI) was introduced to a distinguished audience at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester on March 30th. Subsequent launches will take place within the year in London, Chicago, Singapore and Dubai.

The gathering of CEOs, directors, Sensei Associates and senior representatives of Sensei International made the Manchester event an interesting exchange of thoughts and experiences. The white paper ‘The Human Perforamnce Index – The Necessary Bridge’ by Omar Khan, table discussions, Q&A segments and networking opportunities gave everyone a chance to understand the potential for this groundbreaking approach. To receive a copy of the complete white paper please email kbutler@senseiuke.com.

Here are just some of the comments made by our guests after the event:

“At last there is a way of actually measuring the discretionary effort employees can give to make a good company a great company. Sensei has done an important piece of work.”

“I think you’re onto something here. The Human Performance Index provides a great mechanism for understanding how organizations use
their people.”

“Getting a clear understanding of how individuals are contributing to their organization’s strategy is useful for every business.”


Why is the Sensei Human Performance Index™ so important?

Many years ago, Tom Peters noted in his seminal book ‘In Search of Excellence’ that company leaders have a habit of using their annual reports to proudly recognize how important their people are in achieving their company’s strategic results. This habit still prevails today. It is interesting that leaders continue to make such proclamations, since, up until now, there has been no way to actually measure the human performance element of the strategic results that are delivered. Given this, leaders cannot really know to what extent people are contributing positively or negatively to achieving the strategic business results their organizations deliver. Nevertheless they clearly believe it to be true, and it is now a well-accepted paradigm throughout the business world.

This lack of real knowledge has inspired us to break new ground and develop our HUMAN PERFORMANCE INDEX™. It is clear that human performance matters to business success (many research papers have shown the correlation without identifying causality) and that people are one of the few genuinely distinct and unique assets your company possesses. Put simply, the people who work for you do not work for anyone else, and finding ways to tap into their discretionary effort will give you a substantial return on investment. Leaders are acutely aware that there is a significant amount of time, effort and money spent on other company assets, such as new systems, better processes and capital investments, in an attempt to gain a competitive edge. Yet, without human performance, much of the potential these assets could provide lies dormant and does not deliver the hoped-for results.

CASE STUDY: Gary Booth, Director of People Services,the Co-Operative Group

At Sensei we define ‘Human Performance’ as the leadership actions, interactions, behaviours and collaboration that convert organizational potential into capability, and capability into performance. The ability of an organization to do this well separates the good from the great. Leaders who ‘know’ the human performance element of their strategic results will have a substantial competitive edge, as this knowledge enables them to focus one of their scarcest resources, namely leadership time and attention, in areas of the business that deliver strategic results.

Gary shared his experience from a client’s perspective and spoke about the positive impact created throughout his organization, which he regocnised was down to having Sensei as a trusted advisor and partner. He talked about how Sensei’s unique approach to Human Performance has really helped in creating a significant impact on the results his Shared Service Centre has delivered and how it contributed to forging a more vibrant and positive organizational culture.

For over two decades, Sensei has worked with leading companies around the world, helping their leaders to achieve strategically significant business results by engaging people. Our groundbreaking HUMAN PERFORMANCE INDEX™ is the quintessence of this pooled knowledge, and we believe it will enable leaders to measure and maximise the impact of their people, so that discretionary effort is deployed in the key epicentres of the business.

If you’re interested in finding out how Sensei can enable your organization to maximise business results through people, please call us on 01925 754719.