Six Tips for Coaching Success

Coaching is as much art as science. So much of it is a sense of how to connect with and enable people’s success. To stimulate our coaching potential, keep six key steps in mind, in heart, and in interaction.


If, as Heisenberg suggested, we alter reality by perceiving it, then we certainly affect it even more by participating in it. Coaching is a shared dynamic, it is a “dance of possibility.” Because it is, I must be aware of how I am showing up and who I am showing up as.

Many is the time, weary after yet another overnight flight, I have to get ready to engage a leader who really expects and deserves my very best. These are critical hours he (or she) has allocated, requiring my imagination, energy and alertness. Therefore, I have to do whatever is necessary – physically, mentally and emotionally to be fully present.

At home this means ample rest, maybe a good work-out. I need time to organize myself to make sure my mind is clear and to rev up emotionally for this person and this particular set of challenges.

On the road, I need, at least a quick nap, a brisk walk to get my blood oxygenated after a depleting flight, a light but nourishing meal. I must be mentally clear and ramped up to be of service.


In order for coaching to hook both coach and coachee, the stakes have to be big enough. If we assume that the current trajectory of the person’s leadership life will take him to a predictable future, then we are hoping to intervene to make possible a larger, more creative, and more expansive future.