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Liberating Passion: How the World’s Best Global Leaders Produce Winning Results

by Omar Khan & Paul B. Brown
(John Wiley and Sons, 200 pages, paperback)

There is a missing link in all our talk about leadership, execution and developing teams committed to excellence.

This missing link is the source of leadership energy, adaptation and perseverance.

That missing link?


If you know the way forward, passion will amplify your energy, your commitment, your imagination. If you don’t know how to proceed, it is passion that will drive you to find a way—to consult others, to prototype, to take risks, to be relentless in constructive ways.

Passion lets us know our people have the energy and inner commitment necessary to translate potential into results.

By passion we mean the voluntary will to engage completely; the inner energy, drive AND desire to deliver, to achieve, and to win.

It’s innate within us. No one needs a seminar to learn how to be passionate about a favorite sports team, restaurant or shop. So the question is not how you build passion. The real problem is to understand how we kill it, especially at work. Companies have become exceptional passion killers. And that is painfully ironic.

Passionate people are hired in most leading companies (that’s part of what gets them hired). Within three months, the passion has often been sucked out of them.

Internationally known consultant Omar Khan and business writer Paul B. Brown not only explain why that is the case and how to eliminate passion killers inside your organization, but they lay out in step-by-step fashion what you have to do to reignite the passion inside of every one of your employees.

As they prove, there is no better source of competitive advantage.

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Table of Contents

Chapter  1   How the World’s Best Global Leaders Produce Winning Results

Chapter  2   The Great Passion Heist

Chapter  3   Communicating As A Last Resort…

Chapter  4   Passion Liberator One: “Into Me See”

Chapter  5   Passion Liberator Two: The Right Bull’s Eye

Chapter  6   Passion Liberator Three: Radical Conversations

Chapter  7   Passion Liberator Four: Protecting Possibility

Chapter  8   Passion Liberator Five: Provoking the Future

Chapter  9   Passion Liberator Six: Claiming Accountability

Chapter 10   Passion Liberator Seven: Living Vitality

Chapter 11   Passion Liberator Eight: Appreciating Potential

Chapter 12   Passion Liberator Nine: Coaching for Passionate Growth



I’ve long believed that market need and competency must have the catalyst of passion if a company is to have a competitive advantage. Omar Khan and Paul B. Brown practice what they preach and tear into the liberation of passion with raw gusto and exhilarating energy. Reading this book gives leaders the opportunity to improve the power of their assets several-fold without a penny of capital investment. If that doesn’t impassion you, nothing will.

Alan Weiss, Ph.D.
Million Dollar Consulting
Finally, a solid business book with practical advice to produce life-changing and profit-making results. Liberating passion by strengthening relationships throughout an organization has been one of the most neglected areas in business literature. But no more! As the authors state, passion IS natural and when it is liberated, outstanding results soon follow. The business world today is so thoroughly global, you need ideas and inspiration from vast global experience. Omar Khan and Sensei International are world-class in helping leaders and teams emotionally engage each other, releasing productive passion and focusing it for powerful results. If you want to upgrade your leadership and uplift your team, this is the book to show you how.

Ron Kaufman
UP Your Service!
Chairman, UP Your Service! College
Omar Khan and Paul B. Brown bring clarity and focus to the issue that many businesses overlook–people. Any business without its people would cease to exist. Time and again, I have seen otherwise great leaders brought down by poor leadership development skills. Here Omar draws on his experience in engaging leaders and teams across the world and in collaboration with the ever insightful Paul Brown distills the essence of the real value behind great teams, great talent and great leadership. In an otherwise abstract genre, they bring transformative and skillfully applicable ideas straight into the executive and management suite.

Sam Moon
CEO, DNMstrategies Limited
Managing Director, Asia Pacific, BusinessWeek Events
The tools described in this timely book create powerful impact for global teams. You’ll read here about fostering appropriate intimacy and emotional maturity through removing unhelpful defensiveness, about the creative capacity of dialogues conducted in a World Cafe format, of brave conversations, of creating “bold courageous steps” to bring strategy vividly to life, and to giving future-based requests to each other that simultaneously affirm and challenge our potential as leaders. I heartily recommend that you not only read about these methodologies, but then passionately apply them. You’ll be very glad you did!

Shonaid Jemmett-Page
Global Senior Vice-President, Home and Personal Care
Finance and Information
People and organizations can be dramatically transformed by authentic conversations, a true sense of common purpose and community and removing the “masks” that hide real feelings and beliefs. If the leader can show the courage to liberate the suppressed passion of his team and unleash the often hidden energy, it can deliver incredibly powerful results. It is only through genuine engagement with all stakeholders that this process can start. Removing the “passion killers” is a great beginning. I hope that reading Liberating Passion will be a catalyst for many of you to move your teams from first into fifth gear.

Fred Combe
Managing Director