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The Global Consultant: How to Make Seven Figures Across Borders

by Alan Weiss and Omar Khan

(John Wiley and Sons, 240 pages, paperback)

In a true “flat earth” there are no borders or impediments to importing and exporting knowledge. Such knowledge transfer, if recorded, would more than offset the current US trade deficit and balance of trade figures. The audience for this book is primarily solo or small-practice consultants (and those considering independent consulting) who seek the wealth, experience, and gratification of consulting internationally. Both “on the ground” and remote techniques are addressed, so the peripatetic and the home-anchored can achieve significant new goals, adventures and growth-experiences.

The Global Consultant sends consultants to success in overseas markets faster than any commercial jet. The authors have a combined experience of 50 years in international markets, starting with laborious visas and slow transit, and currently involving high tech and high margin, remote consulting. Within these pages, they will help you avoid the real and perceived pitfalls of working beyond your own borders, and help even brand new consultants to immediately include foreign markets in their business plan. For veterans, the book represents a unique, opportunistic, and personally enriching new set of markets that can be accessed immediately.

Alan Weiss and Omar Khan take you on a trip around the world, from virtual presence to physical appearance, and show you how to use every advantage, no matter what your native land, to gain business in other countries. They’ll even tell you where to get the best local room, air club, and meal. Take a small amount of your time to learn from two of the most successful international consultants in the world how to become a seven-figure, global consultant.

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The Global Consultant contains excellent pragmatic advice on how to travel. I wish I had read this book before doing a world tour this summer (but the book wasn’t out yet). It is an easy read with interesting stories that exemplify the authors’ points about how to travel with less stress, reduce cell phone roaming charges, arrive well rested, enjoy your locations, and grow personally and professionally from the experience. In typical Alan Weiss style, it has strong marketing content that will help you expand your brand and reach, enhance your value to clients, price based on that value and how to get paid in foreign currencies. The strongest chapter was on “The Human Software for Global Consulting.” The fourth paragraph in this chapter is an excellent business philosophy and worth many times the price of this book. If you want to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and grow your brand, this is a timely resource for our challenging economies.

Phil Symchych
Symco & Co.