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Now is simply not the time to stop thinking about leadership development
Why participate? – Benefits and return on investment
Frequently asked questions and virtual tour
Challenges & Opportunities – Making the Leadership Journey work
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In this video Omar Khan talks about Leadership Quests and how they can make possibilities real.

Your organization is a well-managed and forward thinking employer. You have high potential managers that will be the leaders of the future. Their talent is scarce and the best amongst them know this.

So what are you offering to keep them motivated and developed in these difficult times?

No doubt you have experienced traditional classroom leadership sessions, however your brightest stars may have found them controlled and over-facilitated. You may also have organized outdoor team-building activities such as abseiling, raft building and the like. Whilst these can be fun or exhilarating and have their place in leadership development, the experiences they provide are often difficult to relate back to the every-day challenges you face.

In our ‘Leadership Journey’, Sensei has combined the best of the traditional, pragmatic classroom work with the excitement and the buzz of going out and doing something paradigm extending and precedent shattering. This is a real journey, with a start point and a destination, where participants truly learn to ‘adapt’ and the power of the experience unfolds as the journey proceeds.

Experiencing a genuine Leadership Journey is the next frontier of leadership and personal development. We would like to offer your talented managers a unique opportunity that was created for some of the world’s most successful executives, from organizations such as Unilever, BAT, Svitzer, 3M, The Ritz-Carlton, American Express and many others.

Specially tailored for teams, our Leadership Journey truly represents ‘Value For Life’. It empowers participants to make personal discoveries and commitments that might otherwise take up to 2 years to learn as part of a conventional coaching program. Moreover, it provides participants with a source of ideas as well as a community of peers for life.

Who is this Leadership Journey aimed at?
Teams and their team leaders.

When and where will the journey take place?
Dates and locations to be arranged by mutual agreement – previous destinations include Turkey, France, Scotland, Switzerland, South Africa, Hong Kong, Thailand and Sri Lanka.

What will we actually do?
If you are looking for a detailed agenda, descriptions of your accommodation or a day-by-day itinerary, this is not the program for you. All logistics during the journey will be taken care of. We’ll tell you what to pack and you can be sure you’ll have a safe place to sleep, ample food, security, medical back-up and a support team. Beyond that, the journey is an adventure. You will be using different modes of transport, staying in different places each night – some rustic, some deluxe. Life, and how we see it, will be our classroom. There will be no lectures, no PowerPoint presentations, only engaged dialogues and the challenges of the journey itself.

Preparation & Follow-Up
Before departure you will have a 30-45 minute telephone conversation with one of our Journey Leaders and your sponsor to identify the area(s) you should focus on during the journey. We may suggest that you do some preparation before the trip. And when you get back to work, we will stay in touch to check how you are getting on with your implementation plan.

The cost for your Leadership Journey will depend on location, content and the number of participants.

If you are interested in experiencing a Sensei Leadership Journey with your team, please contact us to discuss your individual requirements. Please also take a look at our Leadership Journey virtual tour.

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