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LEADERS OF THE FUTURE: Highly tailored design that recognizes operational and strategic reality

The future isn’t what it used to be and it’s time for a new breed of leader to emerge
The Sensei Approach
Highly tailored design that recognizes operational and strategic reality
Leaders of the Future at a glance…
Case Study – Benefits and Return on Investment
White Paper: 2020 leaders – How are they going to be different from the leaders in the past?
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This service draws on our award winning global consultancy skills and the latest training and facilitation techniques developed while supporting some of the world’s leading organizations. Our starting point is to work with you to co-create and design a highly tailored approach that recognizes your current operational and strategic reality. Your world view and the value you need to deliver to give you an acceptable ROI guides what we do and how we will do it. Our aim is to ensure that the investment you will make in developing your future leaders is at least self-funding and preferably value-generative.

The Threads we will weave


  • Sensei Breakthrough Coaching
  • Leadership Journeys
  • Community Value Projects
  • Strategic Deep Dives
  • Participant Mentoring
  • Operational Value Performance Projects
  • Study Sessions
  • Participant Skill Share Sessions
  • Visit and Learn Experiences
  • Team Stretch Activities
  • Modular Highly Interactive Workshops
  • Culminating in a ‘Leaders of the Future Conference’ – the participants’ chance to share what they have achieved with your executive team.

We will take your current view of the challenges your organization will face in the future and mix it with our view of the challenges you may face. This approach, derived from helping some of the world’s leading organizations, will enable us to develop a unique and bespoke design that we can be confident will really take hold in your organization’s DNA.

A co-designed approach of this kind is a long way from the ‘plug and play’ programs that are now so common in the leadership development and training marketplace. In the Sensei design our consulting expertise complements our training and facilitation skills to ensure your leaders are exposed to a learning experience that really resonates and prepares them for the future.

The duration and the ‘learning threads’ deployed will vary to suit your organization’s reality, degree of ambition and current operating constraints. Topics covered may be as diverse as:

  • The art of leadership and what history can really teach us
  • How to liberate the latent passion for change and tap the hidden productivity that is discretionary effort
  • How to lead global, geographically dispersed, virtually connected teams
  • What style of leadership has succeeded in your organization in the past and what the future requires
  • The role of the leader in reshaping and changing the prevailing operating culture to make it fit for the future

Making the most of the globally connected, network savvy and internet enabled talent that is the current generation of graduates entering your organization.

We have helped clients such as Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser, British American Tobacco, Maersk and Homeserve to create leadership development programs that deliver real value, as well as a leadership pipeline that helps future proof their organization.

To explore these ideas and to understand how our LOF programs can be shaped to suit your organization, please contact us. We will be delighted to help you build an exciting program that delivers real value today and secures the future of your organization.

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