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LEADERS OF THE FUTURE: The Sensei Approach

The future isn’t what it used to be and it’s time for a new breed of leader to emerge
The Sensei Approach
Highly tailored design that recognizes operational and strategic reality
Leaders of the Future at a glance…
Case Study – Benefits and Return on Investment
White Paper: 2020 leaders – How are they going to be different from the leaders in the past?
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To help leaders respond to this challenge in a smart and intelligent way we have developed Sensei’s ‘Leaders of the Future’ service, an innovative and cost-effective way to develop future leaders in today’s cost conscious climate. Our approach will:

  • Deliver the sustainable value needed now to help fuel the growth of your organization
  • Embed a culture of candor that will unleash pent up enthusiasm and focus energy on improving performance
  • Provide a leadership pipeline that helps you future proof your organization

The recent global recession has taught us all some painful lessons and we have to take these on board if we are to ensure we have any future at all.

Developing leaders of the future is always an important but rarely an urgent priority for non-executive directors, CEOs and their executive teams. In fact, in the current economic climate it is common for this activity to be considered as just part of the overall training and development budget and this, as evidence shows, is one of the first budgets to be cut when the cost squeeze is on. Rather than fight this reality we have developed a more novel and, we believe, more realistic line of attack to develop the leaders your organization needs to future proof your business.

We have helped clients such as Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser, British American Tobacco, Maersk and Homeserve to create leadership development programs that deliver real value, as well as a leadership pipeline that helps future proof their organization.

To explore these ideas and to understand how our LOF programs can be shaped to suit your organization, please contact us. We will be delighted to help you build an exciting program that delivers real value today and secures the future of your organization.

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