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Conferences of Consequence


The annual conference, a vital communication and motivational tool designed to engage people in the exciting journey that is the future! At least that is what the posters usually say, yet all too often the results fall far short of expectations and neither the organization nor the participants benefit greatly from the significant investment in time and money that these ritualistic events require.

The reality for many is best summed up by Peter Drucker (writer, business guru and social ecologist) who said:

“I like company conferences, they are great habitual events where the really important things are said over cocktails and are never done”

We tend to agree with this perspective and have built an outstanding reputation for helping our clients co-create and deliver memorable and effective conferences that deliver valuable outcomes. This is not just down to the fancy location or the wit and insights delivered by our keynote speakers – although both can help – but because we deliver substantial, tangible benefits that are appreciated both by the participants and our client organizations. Business consultants


All too often company conferences can cost the earth – quite literally if you measure the carbon footprint of many global organizations – and, as Peter Drucker so eloquently points out, results are really only generated when the corporate jargon stops and participants are released to talk freely, in their own time and in their own way.

You don’t need us to tell you that your annual conference is a vital communication and motivational tool to engage your people, to champion your vision for the years ahead, to align teams in results-sharing conversations, to generate great ideas, and to move forward on action plans.

You want your teams to be inspired by your vision. You want them looking forward to an exciting and fulfilling year ahead and not to the buffet lunch at next year’s conference. But fast-forward a month and all too often the results fall far short of expectations, with little remaining besides the bill.

Sensei’s Conferences of Consequence break the mold to help you achieve strategic business aims that make the investment in time and money worthwhile. Like all great journeys, your conference will have an air of anticipation and excitement beforehand, a clear roadmap to guide progress along the way, space for adventure and discovery built into the trip, and a desired destination that inspires enthusiastic commitment to the organization’s strategic intent.

SENSEI CONFERENCES OF CONSEQUENCE – Are you getting more out of your conference than just a bill?

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Making the investment in time and money worthwhile

A conference is a rare opportunity to engage your people in the organization’s strategic journey and tap into their latent desire to be involved. Our Conferences of Consequence concept is specifically designed to create an environment where organizational intent can be transformed by all the participants into big ideas and lasting change.

#1 Purpose. We help you set a clear mandate. Why are you organizing this conference? What do you want to achieve from the investment of time and energy? Clarity, consensus, and commitment from your executive team will ensure the event delivers the agreed outcomes.

#2 Design. We co-create the experience with you to change participants’ perceptions of their organizational role and prepare them for the journey ahead. We prime the key players to engage the head and the heart to maximize the vital role they play in the experience and make the best impression possible.

#3 Facilitation. We help you manage the process required to get you to your destination. From short skill-share sessions to keynote speeches with a difference, we enable authentic, action-orientated discussions to take place, leaving pure entertaining to the entertainers!

#4 Delivery. We work with you to ensure the ideas, energy, and insights generated actually get embedded into your organization and don’t die on the conference floor. Without this step, any conference, no matter how well designed, executed, or highly rated, is simply a ‘talking shop’ that will change little.



“I’m writing from Penang, Malaysia, after a Global Conference for a global personal care powerhouse. We helped design it, organize it, facilitate it and coach key leaders in engaging their people. It was in direct contrast to typical conferences which truly are elaborate time wasters. There are numerous problems with conventional conferences…” Click here to read the full blog entry by Omar Khan


In this interview former Global Supply Chain Director  Bob Woodburn provides a client’s perspective how Sensei’s innovative and engaging conference solution benefited Danone’s Medical Division. Click here to read the complete interview.

We have helped clients such as Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser, DuPont, Danone, and Firmenich to create conferences that are genuinely engaging and deliver ‘outcomes’ – not just talk. These outcomes can never be achieved through the traditional ‘transmission heavy' designs used by far too many organizations these days.

To find out how Sensei’s Conferences of Consequence can break the mold and help you achieve strategic business aims that make the investment in time and money worthwhile, please contact us.

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