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Sensei is an award-winning global consultancy firm which provides client value through unique value processes (UVPs). Each of these addresses pragmatic, critical priorities in gaining business advantage through human performance.

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Human Performance Improvement Process

The Sensei Human Performance Index™ is a unique and innovative approach that will help you identify the human performance component to your business challenges and opportunities. It helps companies highlight the parts of the business where human performance can most dramatically raise the bar on business performance, or where the absence thereof is most seriously hindering business performance. The HP Index also gets behind and beyond existing paradigms and assumptions and gives an independent X-ray of where, and more importantly how, improved human performance can deliver substantial business improvement. learn more


Leadership for Change

We assist the most senior teams to set priorities and hit them — even in volatile times. By converting otherwise passive “to do” lists into “radical action conversations”, we galvanize decisive action and leverage mutual support. This leads to the effective marshaling and commitment of resources, alignment of key sponsors (hierarchical and informal), and engagement of the wider organization. We are known for creating “ambassadors” who work at business epicenters and can “feed-forward” (give input that is about the future and not just the past) insights from the front-line back to senior leaders. We help to keep you perpetually ahead of the curve. learn more


Coaching Performance Breakthroughs

We focus on small groups of high-potential candidates for significant leadership positions. By combining job requirements, behaviors, and an assessment of future needs, we create tailored and accelerated coaching — we call it “breakthrough” because it’s so unique — to prepare people for the growth of your enterprise.


We involve the immediate superiors so that they are integrally involved in the developmental process and the transition is seamless and continual. And we monitor the entire process, providing updates to management to progressively fine-tune the process for each individual, assuring superb succession planning.


Our solid consulting and business acumen is derived from working with many of the leading companies in the world. This experience, along with our proven coaching tools, helps our clients to elicit issues, reframe assumptions, explore alternatives and tap the energy and the will necessary for change. We provide support for new actions, reinforce successes, challenge complacency and provide a direct accountability loop that actively involves the line manager in the coaching process.


We also have the knowledge and experience to teach appropriate performance improvement tools as required, ensuring a Sensei performance coaching relationship is one that delivers both individual and organizational benefits. learn more


Conferences of Consequence

The annual conference is a vital communication and motivational tool designed to engage people in the exciting journey that is the future! At least that’s what the posters usually say, yet all too often the results fall far short of expectations and neither the organization nor the participants benefit greatly from the significant investment in time and money that these “ritualistic” events require.

The reality for many is best summed up by Peter Drucker, who said: “I like company conferences, they are great habitual events where the really important things are said over cocktails and are never done.”

Rather than exchange information or create new lists, we establish strategic agendas for senior people, making meetings that are creative, decisive, and productive. We feature multiple modes, from speeches to workshops, from videos to round-robins. One constant is the provocation for participants to be at their best and accept accountability for actions.

There is camaraderie, focus, fun, and accomplishment. We utilize state-of-the-art production to maximize progress and enjoyment. The aftermath of each conference features a debriefing to ensure the bridge to performance. This is beyond the management of an event—it’s the management of your future. learn more


Trusted Advisor Support

Our clients enjoy unlimited access — unlimited — confidential sounding boards, coaching, and highly responsive expertise. Personal meetings are scheduled as needed, and there is never a “meter ticking.” This freedom and flexibility enables clients to link personal and business growth with specific and pragmatic improvement techniques

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