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HUMAN PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT PROCESS: Case Study: Making people believe in themselves

Strategic Business Results = Company Assets x Human Performance
Why is the Sensei Human Performance Index™ so important?
How do you measure human performance in your organization?
How Sensei delivered outstanding results through human performance improvement
Frequently asked questions about the Human Performance Index™
10 future-proof and sustainable benefits of the Human Performance Improvement Process
The four key components to human performance
White Paper: The Human Performance Index™ – The Necessary Bridge
Getting a great return on R.O.E. – Return On Energy – in your organization
Sensei leads the way in measuring human performance impact in organizations
Case Study: Making people believe in themselves
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At Sensei we define human performance as the leadership actions, interactions, behaviors and collaboration that convert organizational potential into capability, and capability into performance. The ability of an organization to do this well separates the good from the great. Leaders who ‘know’ the human performance element of their strategic results will have a substantial competitive edge, as this knowledge enables them to focus one of their scarcest resources, namely leadership time and attention, in areas of the business that deliver strategic results.

Client Case Study: Making people believe in themselves.

Gary Gary Booth, Director of People Services in The Co-operative UK shared his experience from a client’s perspective and spoke about the positive impact created throughout his organization, which he recognized was down to having Sensei as a trusted advisor and partner. He talked about how Sensei’s unique approach to human performance has really helped in creating a significant impact on the results his Shared Service Center has delivered and how it contributed to forging a more vibrant and positive organizational culture.

For over two decades, Sensei has worked with global companies around the world, helping their leaders to achieve strategically significant business results by engaging people. Our groundbreaking Human Performance Index™ is the quintessence of this pooled knowledge, and we believe it will enable leaders to measure and maximise the impact of their people, so that discretionary effort is deployed in the key epicentres of the business.

If you’re interested in finding out how Sensei can enable your organization to maximise business results through people, please contact us.