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HUMAN PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT PROCESS: Getting a great return on R.O.E. – Return On Energy – in your organization

Strategic Business Results = Company Assets x Human Performance
Why is the Sensei Human Performance Index™ so important?
How do you measure human performance in your organization?
How Sensei delivered outstanding results through human performance improvement
Frequently asked questions about the Human Performance Index™
10 future-proof and sustainable benefits of the Human Performance Improvement Process
The four key components to human performance
White Paper: The Human Performance Index™ – The Necessary Bridge
Getting a great return on R.O.E. – Return On Energy – in your organization
Sensei leads the way in measuring human performance impact in organizations
Case Study: Making people believe in themselves
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Sensei White Paper Human Performance Index

All of your top talents are coasting in their roles, all of your leaders are trapped on operational treadmills, all of the teams in your business are squandering your most scarce resource – the quality time they spend together – and you have a huge untapped productivity pot right under your nose, and it is invisible to you. In this leadership conversation we discuss why these provocations might well be true for your organization.

One of the scarcest resources in today’s organizations is not money; it is leaders’ time, energy and attention. Where leaders choose to focus their discretionary time and energy also determines where and on what their organization will focus.

‘You get what you inspect, not what you expect, and what gets measured gets done.’ Anon.

Whilst this quote may be showing its age, it still neatly describes the reality that leaders need to think carefully what they get excited about, as whatever this is will be what they spend their time focusing on and what gets amplified throughout their organization. Far too many leaders fall into habitual, ritualistic behavior patterns that serve only to drive the operational treadmill round and round.

Senior Management Attention – Focus It Wisely

One of the key issues is that leaders continue to measure what they have always measured and this is often what is easy to measure, or worse, what their predecessors measured. As Einstein said:

‘Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted.’

What leaders really need is a way to measure the degree of stretch in their organization and how much more they can ask it to deliver before the strain proves too much. Traditionally this is measured using ‘decibels’, i.e. how much moaning and groaning is going on from within, with the ultimate failure measures being burnout, stress, absenteeism and out of balance lifestyles.

We believe the time is now right for a more productive set of indicators to be deployed: indicators that can inform leaders where they should deploy their time and attention if they want to sustainably grow their business. The Sensei Human Performance Index™ is designed to do just that and within it the concept of R.O.E. was born. Click here to read the full article

If you’re interested in finding out how Sensei can enable your organization to maximise business results through people, please contact us.

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