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HUMAN PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT PROCESS: White Paper: The Human Performance Index™ – The Necessary Bridge

Strategic Business Results = Company Assets x Human Performance
Why is the Sensei Human Performance Index™ so important?
How do you measure human performance in your organization?
How Sensei delivered outstanding results through human performance improvement
Frequently asked questions about the Human Performance Index™
10 future-proof and sustainable benefits of the Human Performance Improvement Process
The four key components to human performance
White Paper: The Human Performance Index™ – The Necessary Bridge
Getting a great return on R.O.E. – Return On Energy – in your organization
Sensei leads the way in measuring human performance impact in organizations
Case Study: Making people believe in themselves
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Sensei White Paper Human Performance Index

Excerpt from the Sensei White Paper
by Omar Khan, Founder, Sensei International

To download the full report, please click here.

Executive Summary

Organizations measure virtually everything — and for good reason for the most part. Companies wish to know how effectively they are leveraging resources, how competitively in terms of costs and effectiveness they are operating, the value of their brands, their return on capital, their market share, customer satisfaction, and more. Without measuring and having a base-line, it’s hard to aim for real improvement.

Yet one of the primary ingredients of business performance is human performance. In other words, how our human assets act, interact, behave, collaborate and engage with each other in functions, across functions, within and between teams. Yet human performance as an overall component of business results is not explicitly measured or tracked. This seems crazy!

In fact, without measuring human performance, the things we are measuring are likely to be symptoms of what are often human performance issues. After all, who does the leveraging of resources, who manages costs, builds and maintains brands, serves customers, innovates, and more? In algebraic terms, human performance would be the “x” factor. Human performance multiplied by company assets and company capabilities (themselves manifested through the actions and interactions of leaders and teams) delivers business results. Click here to download the full report …

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