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Strategic Allies

The Tom Peters Company:

Founded by business legend Tom Peters, arguably the best known brand in the business guru world, and best-selling author of IN SEARCH OF EXCELLENCE, LIBERATION MANAGEMENT, CIRCLE OF INNOVATION and many other leading-edge books including the new WORK MATTERS series. Sensei is a key implementation partner of the Tom Peters Company, particularly in the Middle East, South Asia and key parts of Asia Pacific.

Patricia Fripp:

Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE is a Hall of Fame speaker, in-demand executive speech, and sales presentation skills trainer. Patricia simplifies and demystifies the process of designing a presentation for anyone who needs to speak in public. Executives, sales teams and even high-fee professional speakers undergo nothing less than a transformation in their presentations from both a content and delivery standpoint.

Patricia can successfully coach you on the three essential aspects of presentations: structure, content, and delivery. After the Fripp training and coaching, audiences of all sizes will be mesmerized by your performance. www.fripp.com, pfripp@fripp.com, (415) 753-6556. Her Home base is in San Francisco, California, USA.

Ron Kaufman:

Asia’s premier Customer Service guru, hailed by Mark Victor Hansen (best-selling co-author of the CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL series) as arguably the best person in that field today. Ron helped Singapore Airlines launch their Service Quality Center and creates high impact, transformational sessions that turn people ON! He is also the best-selling author of the UP YOUR SERVICE! series. Ron has partnered with Sensei in numerous contexts and has co-delivered a number of signature presentations with Omar Khan. For further information, visit: www.ronkaufman.com

Intercontinental Institute of Human Resource Management (IIHRM):

IIHRM is a leading Human Resource and Organizational Development Centric Management Consultancy House, with experienced consultants, developing deep and meaningful solutions to address organisational challenges, with honest guidance substantiated with validity, reliability, relevance and true support. The firm provides senior-level executive coaching and advisory, CEO succession, Family Business Advisory, as well as Leadership/Management Competency Assessments for organizations and individuals. IIHRM’ s clients range from the largest corporations to emerging growth companies, family and private-equity controlled entities, government and regulatory bodies, and major educational and cultural organisations. Sensei brings the essential heart and mind technology required for sustainable organisational, leadership and talent transformation to strengthen IIHRM’s portfolio.  See more details in: http://www.iihrm.biz. Partner and Senior Management Consultant of Sensei International is a Chief Consultant for IIHRM for Sensei-IIHRM joint projects. See more details in: http://www.iihrm.biz/team/chief-consultant/ranjan-de-silva-3034

The Happiness Project:

Founded by best-selling author Robert Holden (SHIFT HAPPENS, HAPPINESS NOW, and many other highly acclaimed works), The Happiness Project helps business and personal audiences throughout the United Kingdom to integrate spirit and work, inner with outer success, happiness and genuine fulfillment. Robert has shared the stage with such luminaries as Patch Adams (eulogised in the movie ‘Patch’ with Robin Williams), Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and many others. Sensei has partnered with The Happiness Project on a number of projects, Omar Khan and Robert Holden have co-presented ‘Coaching Success’, and Sensei and the Project are looking for ways to further synergise and add value in the coaching success arena.
For further information, visit: www.happiness.co.uk

The Sri Lanka Anti Narcotics Association (SLANA):

A UN approved charity, SLANA has been a leader in reducing the impact of narcotics addiction and building self-esteem and genuine internal acceptance as a way to find natural alternatives to the debilitating impact of drugs. SLANA was Sensei’s first partner in Sri Lanka, has offered numerous programs in conjunction, and has successfully leveraged a lot of the Sensei breakthrough methodology in concert with its own research and insight to make a powerful impact at the grassroot and community level in Sri Lanka.