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Roger Harrison

Roger Harrison, Senior Change Catalyst, International

Roger is unusual. He combines powerful creative thinking and real originality with deep professional expertise in HR and leadership in Asian businesses.

Roger graduated from Balliol College Oxford as a historian, trained in Personnel Management at the then Kingston Polytechnic, and has lived in France , Germany , Holland , Australia and Singapore .

Roger has worked for local government, the British professional institute of Personnel Management and, for 27 years with Unilever, of which the last half were in global or Asian regional roles. His original expertise was in labor relations at international. National and plant levels. He has been Personnel Director of Unilever Australasia, and of two mini-multinationals within Unilever based in Holland . He has twice been a senior corporate officer with responsibilities for senior management remuneration and for corporate HR strategy. He was for many years a member of Unilever’s corporate policy bodies for the environment, for issues management and for threat management. He has been the senior HR line executive for Unilever in three regional roles – covering in turn North Africa Middle East and Central Asia , Central Asia and China , and all-Asia. For many years he also headed environment and safety policy, and threat and issues management in those regions.

Roger is motivated by intellectual challenge. He enjoys helping others to break through a seemingly intractable problem, or to build complex disparate activities into a coherently whole strategy and implementation plan.